RC vCar

RC vCar is a virtual remote controlled car for your iPhone or iPod Touch. NOW WITH BACON!

Using Augmented Reality technology, we've put a virtual rc car on the floor (or your desk) for you to control. Use the speed and steering sliders on the screen to control the car.

Game mode adds another level of fun in the augmented reality world. Collect coins, avoid obstacles, and eat bacon!


"RC vCar is the closest thing you’ll get to the real deal, and it’s a definite show-off app for your iPhone ... you just can’t pass on this iTunes original." -- appadvice.com

"RC vCar won’t disturb your pets or knock furniture over" - ubergizmo.com
RC vCar 2.0 - better with bacon" - ubergizmo.com

"You won’t find another remote control car for $.99." - techcrunch.com

Game Play

Collect Coins: There are 5 spinning coins per level that you have to collect to progress to the next level. Each coin is worth one point.

Coin Stacks: There are also random stacks of coins that are worth more points. There is only one stack per level, and if you don't collect it, too bad
  Obstacles: There are barrels and "jersey barriers" that get added with each level to make it more challenging.
Fuel: All this time you are using up gasoline. You get a little more gas each level, but there are also gas cans that you can collect to help keep your tank full
Bacon: Of course there's bacon. Everything's better with bacon!

• Finally, an R/C car that won't crash or break!
• No batteries required (well, except your iPhone or iPod battery)
• Won't disturb pets or knock over furniture
• Great for the office or classroom
• Post your score to Facebook and Twitter
• Eat bacon without getting fat!

Includes working headlights, engine sounds, horn, and of course bacon

Includes 8 Cars

• Formula 1
• Nascar
• Go-cart
• Baja Ram pickup
• Audi racer
• Pink convertible
• Police car (with working light bar)
• School bus (with working stop lights)

Of course you don't have to play the game. There is also freestyle mode.

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