Nag Alarm

Nag Alarm will never let you forget another appointment again.

Simply enter an appointment, event, reminder, etc., into Nag Alarm. At the scheduled time, your iPhone or iPod Touch will play a very loud alarm. It will continue to play this alarm until you take action.

If your phone is in your purse, you will hear this alarm. If you are in another app, you will hear this alarm. If you are on a phone call, you will hear this alarm.

"Nag Alarm does what you need it to do, gives you just enough flexibility, then nags you until you make good. What more could we ask for?" - MacLife

• Multiple scheduled alarms based on date and time.
• All alarms are automatically added to your calendar database and can be viewed inside your calendar app. They can also sync with iCal.
• Add notes to the alarm.
• Alarm sounds, even when Nag Alarm isn't running.
• Alarm will play every minute until you click "confirm" and choose to silence it.
• Nine different alarm sounds to choose from.
• Repeating events.

iOS 5.0 USERS: If you already purchased Nag Alarm and then upgraded to iOS 5, you may need to go into your Notifications settings to set your preferences for Nag Alarm. For the classic behavior, set "Alert Style" to "Alerts", "Sound" to "ON", and "View in Lock Screen" to "ON". Of Course, you could also set it up anyway you would like now, which is cool.


Nag Alarm is available on the App Store

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